About us.

The human body cannot only heal itself; it is specifically built to heal itself. As a grandson of native beliefs, Attachi’s founder is grounded in the concept of the body’s inherent healing ability. If something is out of alignment, your body will correct it, maybe not in a perfect way, but it does make the best attempt it can in the face of the injury or misalignment. A good massage therapist can rework your body’s own attempt at correction until the body is back to normal and also continue to help the body strengthen and heal the musculature until correction has been achieved.

Here at Attachi, one of our service specialties and what we’re famous for is a powerfully effective modality known as Neuromuscular Therapy or NMT. Using NMT, either alone or combined with other methods, we can relieve the muscles’ pain causing your discomfort. We focus on working with you on your acute, overuse, or reoccurring pain.